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Italiano 2 (Period 3)

Stacey Schrader
2017-2018 School Year
World Language
 To see all presentations and the daily agendas that Prof. Schrader uses in class, go to our Shared Italian 2 Google Drive Folder by clicking here.
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Past Assignments


Ecco il compito per domani/venerdì:
Fill-in-the-blank questo e quello worksheet (Sito 8 Esamino pg 10). We will correct it followed by quiz!


Compito della Settimana #8 (Week 8 Homework)

Descrivi la tua vicinanza (o uno inventato) in 6 frasi usando gli avverbi di luogo e i posti dagli appunti. Per esempio: La banca è accanto alla scuola.

Describe your neighborhood (or a made-up one) in 6 sentences using location adverbs and places in your notes. For example: The bank is next to the school.


Week 7 Homework: Draw and Describe Your Dream House

Requisiti (Requirements):

  • Un disegno colorato della tua casa (il compito)
    • A colorful drawing of your house (the homework)
  • Indica 20 stanze o mobili o oggetti  - riferisci al pachetto pg 57-59
    • Label 20 rooms o furniture or objects - refer to the packet, pgs 57-59
  • Dove si trova e una descrizione con almeno 12 frasi.
    • A description with at least 12 sentences.


Be careful to properly make rooms and objects plural when needed, and to combine your prepositions and articles!



Week 6 Homework: Reflexive Verb Comic Strip

Fai un fumetto in cui descrivi la tua routine quotidiana usando 8 verbi riflessivi e include a che ora fai le cose.

Make a comic strip in which you describe your daily routine using 8 reflexive verbs and include the time you do each thing.


Mi sveglio alle 6 ogni giorno.

Mi alzo alle 6 e mezza.

Mi lavo la faccia e i denti.

The attached file is the packet I handed out in class describing reflexive verbs, what they are, how they are conjugated and a list of common verbi riflessivi. It also has activities that we will be completing in class to practice these verbs.


Week 5 Homework: Memorize and Present Vision Board Sentences

Finish your vision board and the 9 accompanying sentences (on a separate sheet of paper) that express your identity and abilities (what you already can do, using "Posso..."), your desires for the future (what you want to do, using "Voglio...") and finally what you need to do to reach those goals (what you must do, using "Devo...").
THEN memorize your sentences and place 5 words (IN ITALIAN) on the front of your vision board to help remind you of your goals during your presentation of the sentences to the class on Monday.


Week 4 Homework: Interview about Possibilities, Desires and Duties

Interview a parent(s) or friend(s) and ask them about their abilities, desires and duties, get 3 of each and write 9 sentences total in Italian about him/her/them using the verbs we are studying: potere (to be able to, can), volere (to want) and dovere (to have to, must)


Week 3 Homework: Translate the Chorus of an Italian Song

Find an Italian song that you like (on YouTube or Spotify Charts) and translate the lyrics of the chorus (the part that is repeated). You may turn it in by email or on paper, but please remember to write the name of the song, the artist, and the lyrics in BOTH Italian and your English translation. An internet translation will not be accepted.


Week 2 Homework: Summarize Videos about Pronunciation and Culture

Write one paragraph for each video (2 total) about what you learned.