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Italiano 3 (Period 2)

Stacey Schrader
2017-2018 School Year
World Language
To see all presentations and the daily agendas that Prof. Schrader uses in class, go to our Shared Italian 3 Google Drive Folder by clicking here.
To earn extra credit sign up for Duolingo and share your progress with Prof. Schrader by clicking here. Every 500XP earns you an extra 1% added to your overall semester grade (up to 5%).
To sign up for Remind, the education-oriented text service, click here. With Remind you can receive texts from Prof about important deadlines, tests and quizzes and links to studying resources, and you can also reply and ask questions about assignments and often get faster responses.

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Past Assignments


Week 4 Homework:
Memorize 2 out of the 5 paragraphs from you personal objects project and be ready to present them in class (without reading!).