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Physical Techniques- 9th and 10th (Period 6 )

Jaclyn Attefat
Sarah Livingston (Woodruff)
Melody McKnight Humphries
Performing Arts
2016-2017 School Year


Course Description

Course Code: 2355
Grade Level: 9 and 10
Semesters: 2
Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dance, Theatre, or Music Academies
This is a wheel course. Please see your student account for assignments, grades, and documents.  If there are any questions, please always contact your Current wheel's teachers.
This course fulfills students’ Physical Education credit, and prepares students for Physical Fitness Testing.  Physical Techniques allows Dance, Music, and Theatre Academy students to work across all performing arts disciplines.

Physical Techniques 9/10 is a wheel course in which students spend 8-10 weeks in two units of in-depth study.  Every 8-10 weeks, students rotate into two new units of study.  Coursework covers: dance (jazz & tap) technique and vocabulary, devised theatre and movement, dance fitness, and vocal performance work.  All units are “physical” in nature, and include physical awareness, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises.  

Students are given weekly assessment grades and are trained and tested for the PFT (physical fitness test) in 6 areas: mile run, push-ups, curl-ups, trunk lift, flexibility, and BMI (body mass index). Each unit culminates with a benchmark performance.

Jazz/Musical TheaterTeacher: TBD

For Dancers:

This purpose of this class is to develop the technical skills and vocabulary of jazz dance, to identify and demonstrate the styles of the early jazz dance pioneers, and to develop an understanding of the origins, history and development of modern jazz dance as an art form.  Through daily warm-ups and exercises students gain strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination.  Musicality and performance skills are taught through a series of dance combinations and in-class performances.  This course covers the history and evolution of jazz dance and culture.  This course will further develop Dance Academy student’s Modern and Ballet technique through jazz, contemporary, and musical theater work.  Dance Level 2, will advance on the work learned in Dance Level 1.

For Theatre and Music Students: TBD

This class will introduce and expand coursework in dance technique, dance vocabulary, movement for actors, and basic jazz/musical theater history.  Dance disciplines derive from basic dance disciplines and movements, and will possibly include: classic jazz, musical theater jazz, broadway jazz, “popular” dances from the decades, lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop styles. Coursework will give students the creative movement skills, body awareness, and technique needed to succeed in Performing Arts Academy productions, as well prepare students for college, and/or real- world settings such as the stage, television, or film.  Jazz 10, will advance on the work learned in Jazz 9.

Tap, Teacher: Jaclyn Attefat

This class is designed to introduce students to the technique, vocabulary, and historical/cultural development of tap dance.    Students will acquire basic tap skills.  Emphasis will be placed on rhythm, syncopation, timing, coordination and listening skills through warm up exercises and tap combinations.  Students will be introduced to figures who have influenced the development of tap.  Music terminology and musical genres that have influenced tap will also be introduced.   Tap 10 will advance on the work learned in Tap 9.

Dance Fitness Teacher: Melody McKnight

This class will focus on various fitness modalities such as Pilates, Yoga, Cardio Dance, Burn at the Barre. Focus will be strength and conditioning, coordination, flexibility, core awareness, balance, and as well as cardiovasuclar endurance. Students will learn basic anatomy, as well as injury prevention.

Theatre, Teacher: Donovan Glover

This aspect of the course explores character development through movement, animal & gait study, improvisation, and Grotowski techniques.  Students will also practice ensemble composition, scene-study, and Musical Theatre.   

Music/Vocals, Teacher:  Sarah Livingston

This unit is designed to provide students with the basic technique of singing and using the voice properly, utilizing vocal/physical exercises to transform the vocal tone producing more color and dexterity. Students will improve their vocal flexibility and bridge transitions. Students will be introduced to methods of using the voice for live performance, studio recording, choral groups, ensembles, theatre, vocal animation and voice over projects. 

Physical Techniques Syllabus, 2016-17

For Ms. Melody ONLY
Please see Google Folder for class make-up options. Please have options approved by Ms. Melody. These make-up options are for EXCUSED Absences only and Independent Study. Per CHAMPS Student Handbook, Absences must be excused 2 days after your return. Students have 7 calendar days from the date of their excused absence to submit their make-up work.

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