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Dance Minor Lv 3

Jaclyn Attefat
Ina Haybaeck-Rogers
Melody McKnight Humphries
Performing Arts
2016-2017 School Year


Course Description

Jazz and Tap for Level 3 Dancers
Dance Minor 3 is a course for the dance major with intermediate to advanced training in jazz, contemporary, and tap dance. Each dance student follows a rigorous approach to the study of jazz, contemporary and tap for two consecutive semesters.  Students continue to build technical foundations with increased physical and technical demands, as well as self-discipline, and artistic expression. Students must master increased levels of strength and flexibility, as well as new skills and terminology.
For Ms. Melody ONLY
Please see Google Folder for class make-up options. Please have options approved by Ms. Melody. These make-up options are for EXCUSED Absences only and Independent Study. Per CHAMPS Student Handbook, Absences must be excused 2 days after your return. Students have 7 calendar days from the date of their excused absence to submit their make-up work.

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