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Welcome to 9th Grade English with Mr. Polish!  Our class will meet every Wednesday from 9 – 10 am and your attendance there is required.  Because we only meet one day a week, it is important that you maintain communication with me by e-mail if you are having any issues with me, school, or the work.  My e-mail is and I check it every day so expect me to get back to you no more than 24 hours after you have messaged me.

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Notebooks due Wednesday with 2 RAPs (3 sentences each) and 1 journal (10 sentences) and notes from every day of class.
Journal Assignment:  If you were living in South Africa in the 1970s, would you have supported the Soweto Uprising?  Why/why not?
EXTRA CREDIT JOURNAL:  What did you like this semester?  What did you dislike?
RAP 1: Was Mark right to leave South Africa?
RAP 2: What is the main lesson of Kaffir Boy?


Kaffir Boy Essay Final Draft

What does it take to succeed in an oppressive society? Using specific examples from Kaffir Boy, write a five-paragraph essay explaining what enabled Mark Mathabane to achieve his dreams. Be sure to cite no less than six quotes from the book to support your analysis.