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Welcome to 11th Grade English with Mr. Polish! Our class will meet every Tuesday from 11 am – 12 pm and your attendance there is required. Because we only meet one day a week, it is important that you maintain communication with me by e-mail if you are having any issues with me, school, or the work. My e-mail is and I check it every day so expect me to get back to you no more than 24 hours after you have messaged me.

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Becoming Nicole Essay

How should adults deal with transgender children?

Using specific examples from Becoming Nicole, write a five paragraph essay explaining what rights transgender children deserve or do not deserve.  Be sure to cite no less than six quotes from the book to support your analysis.


Notebooks due Tuesday with 2 RAPs (3 sentences for regular English/6 sentences for honors English) and 1 journal (10 sentences for regular English/20 sentences for honors English) and notes from every day of class.

Journal Assignment:  Should transgender children be allowed to take puberty blocking hormones?  Should they be allowed to get surgery?

RAP 1:  Should transgender people be allowed to use restrooms/lockers of the gender they identify with?

RAP 2:  What did you like about your classes this semester?  What did you dislike about them?