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Course Description

English 10 uses historical context to frame human experience across the world. We will study a variety of universal themes and archetypes.  This course seeks to find unity across time and countries to better understand the shared human experience. This thematic understanding will develop through continuing to develop writing skills gained in English 9. Students will practice argumentative, informational, and narrative writing to meet and exceed the 10th grade California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. The implementation of new vocabulary and literary terms will develop academic communication skills to further enable self-expression and empowerment.


Essential questions: What is the individual’s role within society? What happens when codes of conduct and culture conflict? How does our cultural and individual world view impact our actions and beliefs? What is the human condition?

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Finals Announcements

  • Last day to turn in late work is TODAY (5/23) in my box or via e-mail by midnight.
  • Study guide is posted on the site.
  • No school on Monday

BNW Reading Schedule

*Remember, if you are absent you are responsible for reading when you are absent. The link is posted on my CHAMPS site.
4/24: Chapter 6
4/26: Chapter 7
4/30: Chapter 8
5/1 - 5/3: Chapter 9 & 10
5/7: Chapter 11
5/8: Chapter 12
5/10: Chapter 13 (Chapter 14 is HOMEWORK due on Mon. 5/14)
5/14: Chapter 15
5/18: Chapter 16 (Reading homework due 5/21)
5/21: Chapter 17 (Homework)
5/24: Chapter 18 (Homework)

English 10 Final Exam Study Guide

Please take some time to study the terms and skills on this study guide.

To study, I recommend:
-Making flashcards (check out
-Reviewing past quizzes and assignments
-Reviewing feedback on past essays

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have!

Last Week of Instruction Updates

  • Study guides will be distributed on Monday 12/4
  • Last day to turn in late/missing work by box or in class is: Wednesday 12/6
  • Last Journal Check of the semester is: Tuesday 12/5 / Wednesday 12/6

    I highly recommend checking Q and e-mailing me for copies of any missing assignments before Monday.

Beowulf Reading Schedule


Reading strategy:

  • Circle character names
  • Underline important quotes
  • Write down words for vocabulary on the side, and annotate to summarize, ask questions, and add thoughts on the side.
  • Read in sections. As you read, summarize in annotations on the side. After reading each section, check your understanding by reading the No Fear Beowulf version.


Read (skip any sections not listed below)

  • P.1-11, 19-top of 21
  • bottom of 24-26 (top)
  • Bottom of 29 - 40
  • P.44 (@ BEOWULF spake) - top of p.46 (@ CAME now to)
  • P.53 (now further it fell with) - 58 (THE fall)
  • P.61 - top of page 70 (@ THAT battle-toil)

Fall Benchmark Assessment Makeup

There are two benchmark assessments every year to mark progress. This year, the Fall Benchmark Assessment was the last week of September.
If you were absent on Tuesday (9/26) or Wednesday (9/27), you need to makeup the Fall Benchmark Assessment. 

The makeup for the assessment is: during lunch (11:43 - 12:13) on Tuesday, October 3rd in Room 301.

If your life was made into a book, what would the book cover look like?

- Week 1 Introductory Book Cover Assignment -