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Biology (Period 6)

Ms. Crystal Su

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Final Binder Check

Originally, binder check "packets" were scheduled to be due on Monday.  However, because of the recent class cancellations, you can turn it in on the day of your final for full credit.  

Semester 1 Cumulative Powerpoint

This Powerpoint covers the majority of topics on our final exam.  Topics not included:
-lab equipment
-diffusion & osmosis
-eukaryotic cells
You will need to use your worksheets, notes, and reading packet for these.  

Final Exam Study Guide

Please print out a copy if possible, and bring to class on Monday.  I will have printed copies available on Monday if you are not able to do so.  Answer the questions directly on the study guide or on a separate sheet of paper.  Use the cumulative Powerpoint to help you.
If you bring in your completed study guide on the day of the final, you will get 5 extra credit points added to your final exam score!