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Intro to Sociology (Period 6)

Kyle Thomas
Social Science

Course Description

  Sociology is an elective course designed for 10-12th grade but offered to all students at CHAMPS Charter High School. It will focus on the ways in which society and group behavior shape our own being. "Our identity, fears, grievances and satisfactions derive from socialization within groups. "By examining cultures, violence, deviance, social control, socialization and personality, group behavior, social class and institutions of the past and present, Students gain a better understanding of both themselves and the world around them.

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Agenda 9/11 (per. 1,2,3,4,5.)

QW# 10 = What is the significance of 9/11? What have you heard about it?
Video 9/11
Lecture Chap.2 Sect. 1 (Philosophes)
CW: Philosophes

Agenda 8/28 (Per. 1,2,3,4,5)

QW # 6 = What is the most important/valuable possession you have?  Why?
1.  Return Quiz/ Quiz Review
2.  Short Film:
CW:  5 film Facts youtube “The story of the Magna Carta”     13:37 run time