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Communications 1 (Period 2)

Christopher Ciampa
Media Arts

Course Description

Communications/Media Wheel A will examine the most prevalent forms of communication in our modern world while endeavoring to master them. The long-term ramifications of communicating and the methodology needed to be effective will be our focus. We will be creating a YouTube channel where our work product will be on display.

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In order to prepare for shooting, we will be rehearsing our scenes in front of the class. Your off book (lines memorized) rehearsal will be graded for extra credit by judging your level of preparedness. This assignment will not be required but recommended.


 The Not News Channel
After viewing and understanding the fact based, journalistic style employed in newscasts and documentaries. Students will create a video piece, no more than five minutes in length centering around a historical figure or event. This is the suggested format for your short piece, but if you have a compelling idea and a plan to get it done, you may do something different after discussing it with me. We will be compiling these videos at the end of the quarter and uploading them to youtube.


On our Finals Day, we will have a Student Short Film Festival, where each filmmaker will present their piece with a brief introduction, then be prepared to discuss their work afterwards.