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Media Wheel (Period 2)

Natalia Bastun
Fine Arts

Course Description


CHAMPS Charter School of the Arts

Multimedia and Performing

Visual Arts Class

Mrs. Bastun


Media Wheel


Week 1

*Syllabus and survey of class assignments

*Rules and Procedures

*Return Parent Acknowledgement

*Abstract Design

Medium: colored pencils

Homework: Use four geometric shapes (circles, triangles, squares, etc.) to create an Abstract Design. You should use repetition, overlapping, enlarge or reduce them.


Week 2

*Review of the Elements of Art

*Review of the Principles of Design

*Line exercise ( diagonal lines, vertical lines, circular lines, curvy lines ,cross-hatching, pointillism, stippling,etc.)

* Pressure ( light, medium, heavy)

* Blending ( hand blending, tool blending)

*Assignment “Dream city”. Use curved and distorted lines.

Medium: graphite pencil/markers, ballpoint pen

Homework: Draw an outline of your shoe( 5 times)


Week 3

*Review Texture-lecture (actual and simulated textures)

*Texture exercise, crayon rubbing exercise

* Create your name by using variety of textures.

Medium: pencil, ink

Homework: Draw five household objects with the invented textures.


Week 4

*A lecture about Vincent Van Gogh. “Starry Night”.

*Using pastel. Techniques and demonstration.

* Practice to recreate Vincent Van Gogh’s expressive art style in oil pastel .

Medium: oil pastel

Homework: Draw a landscape out of your window.


Week 5

*Realistic vs Abstract

*Elements of Art and Principles of Design-Contrast

*Draw a realistic animal with values

*Transform a realistically done animal into an abstract one

Medium: pencil, sharpie

Homework: Draw five objects from your pocket in contour lines.


Week 6

*Color theory- working with color.

*Color wheel.

* Primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors

*Warm colors, cool colors, neutral colors.

Medium: acrylic paint.

Homework: Create two paintings. 1st-in warm colors, 2d-in cool colors..


Week 7

*A lecture about African Masks.

*Create a papier-mâché mask.

* Make a design.

Medium: papier-mâché, acrylic paint.

Homework: Draw 5 faces in different art styles

Homework: Create a collage with two positive/two negative spaces .


Week 8

*Continue to work on an African-inspired mask.

Homework: Create a design for the quilt by using different pieces of fabric/textured paper and by using repetition.


Week 9

*Review of a 3-D form with the use of a cast shadow

* Sphere drawing with the Six Categories of Light (value chart)

* Value exercises-build up value gradually

*Draw a Still Life in contour line (composition)

* Draw a Still Life in contour line on the black background (white chalk)

Medium: graphite pencil/charcoal/white chalk

Homework: Create a geometric design-pattern ( it could be done by using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.


Week 10

*Facial features

*Portrait, facial proportions


Medium: pencil, paper

Homework: research Chinese horoscope and draw your sign in ballpoint pen or marker


Homework: Make five sketches of your friends/ relatives. Add values.