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World Geography and Life Skills (Period 2)

Donovan Palatino
Social Science


Course Description

 World Geography and Life Skills - 17/18 School Year

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Wednesday 5/16

  • Europe Focus Countries
  • Geography Now - Hungary
    • Write down 5 bullet points of what you learned from the video (may be written on the back of the Hungary page)
  • Polders
    • After reading the article, answer the following questions on the back of the Netherlands page:
      • What are some reasons why the Dutch build polders?
      • Do you think it is a good idea for the Dutch to build new polders in the future? Why or why not?
      • What should the Dutch do with the current polders? Explain.
      • Would you want to live in a floating home? Why or why not?

Wednesday 5/9

  • Turn in Homework
  • Work on:
    • College Profile Sheet (page two of link)
      • You may use this information for your College Pennant Project. 
      • DUE Monday, 5/14
    • College Pennant Project (page 1 of link)
      • The instructions on this page state that your pennant needs to look like an actual pennant and that a template will be provided. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE THIS LOOK LIKE A PENNANT. This may be done on a blank, non-lined piece of paper. All of the items in the rubric section will still be required, but the shape of the final product does not need to look like a pennant.
      • Please email me with any questions.
      • DUE Monday, 5/14

Friday 4/20

Quiz next week on the East and South East Asia notes.
Monday's Modified schedule is as follows:
CAASP Testing for Juniors only - 8:15am-12:00pm
Modified B-Day schedule
12:45pm-1:13pm Period 2
1:19pm-1:47pm Period 4
1:53pm-2:21pm Period 6
2:27pm-2:55pm Period 8

Monday 4/16

CAASP Testing for Juniors only - 8:15am-12:00pm
Modified A-Day schedule
12:45pm-1:13pm Period 1
1:19pm-1:47pm Period 3
1:53pm-2:21pm Period 5
2:27pm-2:55pm Period 7
  • Work on Project