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U.S. History (Period 7)

Donovan Palatino
Social Science


Course Description

 U.S. History - 17/18 School Year

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Vietnam Film Project
Follow the directions to make a film about the Vietnam Era in the United States. Grading rubric on page two.
DUE 5/29


FINAL - Vietnam Debate
Students have been split up into groups for this final: Hawks, Doves, Presidents, and Activist Groups.
Each group has been called together to debate how America is to respond to 3 main events of the Vietnam War: Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Tet Offensive, and the Kent State Massacre.
Please read the attached sheet for full instructions.

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Thursday 5/17


Tuesday 5/8

  • Collect Homework
  • Warm Up - TURN IN
    • What is the status of race relations in the US? Do you think that relationships between people of different ethnicities is still changing? Will it get better or worse over time? Explain your thoughts.

  • Video - Voices of Civil Rights
    • Questions for the video - DUE Thursday, 5/10
    • Stopped at 37 minutes; will finish the last 10 minutes on Thursday.
    • Quiz on the Civil Rights Movement will be on Thursday, 5/8
      • Covers our notes, figures, and a question about the Voices of Civil Rights video.
      • Everything for this has been posted on this website!

Tuesday 4/24

  • Quiz on Cold War Stations
  • Turn in Cold War Stations
  • Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement
    • Speeches and Analysis
    • First, read and annotate the speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X.
    • Then, watch the videos in the analysis slideshow.
      • Compare your thoughts about these two speeches from just reading them to listening to them.
    • Finally, answer the questions on the last slide of the Analysis slideshow and turn in.
  • Homework
    • DBQs - March on Washington
      • Read and analyze each document to answer their questions.
      • Based on the Assignment Question on the front, write a 2 paragraph persuasive essay using 3 of the sources.
      • DUE Tuesday, 5/1
Don't forget about your College Fair field trip on Thursday, 4/26!

Thursday 4/19

Quiz on the Cold War Stations on Tuesday, 4/24.
Monday, 4/23 is a Modified B-Day schedule as follows:
CAASP Testing for Juniors only - 8:15am-12:00pm
Modified B-Day schedule
12:45pm-1:13pm Period 2
1:19pm-1:47pm Period 4
1:53pm-2:21pm Period 6
2:27pm-2:55pm Period 8

Tuesday 4/17

  • Warm Up - Watch the video and discuss (in class only)
  • Cold War Stations
    • Station activity about 7 major events of the Cold War. Done in class on Tuesday and Thursday. Materials for completion posted on Thursday, 4/19.
    • Quiz on the Cold War on Monday, 4/23.

Monday 4/16

CAASP Testing for Juniors only - 8:15am-12:00pm
Modified A-Day schedule
12:45pm-1:13pm Period 1
1:19pm-1:47pm Period 3
1:53pm-2:21pm Period 5
2:27pm-2:55pm Period 7
  • Work on Project