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AP Statistics (Period 8)

Mrs Prasuna Alavilli


Course Description

 AP Statistics is the high school equivalent of a one semester, introductory college statistics course. In this course, students develop strategies for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students design, administer, and tabulate results from surveys and experiments. Probability and simulations aid students in constructing models for chance behavior. Sampling distributions provide the logical structure for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests. Students use a TI-83/84 graphing calculator and Web-based java applets to investigate statistical concepts. To develop effective statistical communication skills, students are required to prepare frequent written and oral analyses of real data.


In AP Statistics, students are expected to learn

  1. Skills
  • To produce convincing oral and written statistical arguments, using appropriate terminology, in a variety of applied settings.When and how to use technology to aid them in solving statistical problems
  1. Knowledge
  • Essential techniques for producing data (surveys, experiments, observational studies),
  • analyzing data (graphical & numerical summaries), modeling data (probability, random variables, sampling distributions), and drawing conclusions from data (inference procedures confidence intervals and significance tests)
  1. Habits of mind
  • To become critical consumers of published statistical results by heightening their awareness of ways  in which statistics can be improperly used to mislead, confuse, or distort the truth.

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