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Course Description

Welcome to 10th Grade English with Mr. Polish!  Our class will meet every Thursday from 9:15 – 10:15 am and your attendance there is required.  Because we only meet one day a week, it is important that you maintain communication with me by e-mail if you are having any issues with me, school, or the work.  My e-mail is and I check it every day so expect me to get back to you no more than 24 hours after you have messaged me.

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The Namesake Final Draft Essay

Does culture and family make a person who they are?  Using examples from The Namesake, write a five-paragraph essay explaining the impact of culture and family on identity.  Be sure to cite no less than six quotes from the book to support your analysis. 


Notebooks due Thursday with 2 RAPs (3 sentences each), 1 journal (10 sentences for regular English), and notes from every day of class.

Journal:  What do you think will happen after the end of The Namesake?  Write your own ending to add on to the story.

RAP 1:  Was Gogol right to change his name?  Why/why not?

RAP 2: What did you like about this semester?  What did you dislike?


Students will take a cumulative vocabulary test on all of the words they found in Perks of Being a Wallflower, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Enrique's Journey, and The Namesake.
 Concoction = mixture of ingredients
Interrogative = having the force of a question
Exasperated = infuriated
Obstetrician = a doctor who specializes in childbirth
Efface = make oneself insignificant
Cavalcade = formal procession of people
Tattered = old and torn
Perpetual = never-ending
Anatomical = relating to bodily structure
Emancipated = freed
Sultry = hot/humid
prominent = noticeable
embark = get on board a ship/plane/vehicle
sanction = approval
convoluted = complex/hard to follow
commemorate = celebrate
momentous = significant
perspire = to sweat
harried = strained


Cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something



(Of a situation or future prospect) not hopeful or encouraging; unlikely to have a favorable outcome -


Goods transported by truck, train, ship, or aircrafts


Escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery


Having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion


Assign the responsibility for doing something to (someone) -


Be extremely and uncritically fond of -

Pretense = false claim
Impudent = not showing due respect
Burden = a heavy load
Prophesied = to make a prediction about the future
To impute = to attribute something to somebody
To thwart = to prevent from happening
Opulent = rich/luxurious
Anachronism = something that doesn't belong in a particular time period
Pretense = a false claim pretending to be true














emotional support/encouragement

to persuade

out of the ordinary

to draw distinctions between

sentimental longing for the past

form of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation

condition that yellows the skin/eyes

Bourgeoisie = middle class

Cynical = not trusting the motives of others

Tycoon = super wealthy businessperson

Hindsight = understanding an event only after it has happened

Objectification = to view/treat a person as if they were an object

Silhouette = outline of something

Articulate = ability to speak fluently

To primp = make minor adjustments

Adroit = clever, skillful

Schizophrenia = a mental disorder that often involves delusions and hallucinations.



(of the sky or weather) marked by a covering of gray clouds; dull ‍


fine sand, clay, or other material carried by running water and deposited as a sediment, especially in a channel or harbor


denoting or having an intense, vivid color or a swirling abstract pattern


goods that have been imported or exported illegally


a restaurant in a movie studio, military base, prison, or other institution


liquid waste or sewage discharged into a river or the sea



incapable of producing any useful result; pointless -


react angrily or defensively, typically by drawing oneself up


reach a climax or point of highest development