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Course Description

Welcome to Issues in Narrative and Documentary Film/Modern Film with Mr. Polish! Our class will meet every Friday from 9:15 – 11:15 am and your attendance there is required. Because we only meet one day a week, it is important that you maintain communication with me by e-mail if you are having any issues with me, school, or the work. My e-mail is and I check it every day so expect me to get back to you no more than 24 hours after you have messaged me.  

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Modern Film Essay Final

What can modern films tell us about our culture today?   Using examples from at least six of the films we have seen this semester write a five-paragraph essay explaining what we can learn from modern films.  Be sure to cite no less than six examples from the class to support your analysis. 


Documentary Film Proposal Final

You have now seen a number of documentaries and films that deal with contemporary issues.  If you were a documentary filmmaker what issue would you want to address?  For your final project, you must submit a written proposal about the documentary you would like to make!

Your proposal must come in the form of a powerpoint or poster that you will present to class on the last day.  It must include the following things: 

  1. A paragraph outlining the issue that you would like to make the public aware of.
  2. A paragraph explaining your bias on this issue.
  3. Two political cartoons that represent your position on this issue (if you can’t find any online, you can make them yourself!)
  4. A one page outline of what will be in your film (Who will you interview? What will you show?  What facts/statistics/charts will you include?)

You will be graded on the depth and complexity of your proposal as well as how well you engage the class.