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Independent Study - Spanish 1

Barrie Silva
Independent Study


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Paquete 19
  • Pg. 158 Actividad 15: Write the correct form of "ser" to complete the sentences.
  • Pg. 159 Actividad 17: Using vocabulary words and the conjugation of "ser" write descriptions of the listed items.
  • Pg. 159 Actividad 18Only do "Estudiante B." Write if you eat or don't eat the pictured foods and why.
¡ESTUDIAR! Study the vocabulary and the verb "ser" for a quiz next week.


Paquete 20
  • Vocabulario pg. 194: Copy the Spanish vocabulary words and their English translations from page 194.
  • Pg. 176 Actividad 4: Write the sentences and complete the sentences with the vocabulary word associated with the pictures.
  • Pg. 176 Actividad 5: Write the names of the places under the categories "todos los días" (everyday), "mucho" (a lot), "a veces" (sometimes), "nunca" (never), according to how often you visit the places. 
  • Apuntes: The verb ir: Take notes on the verb "ir" on page 180.
  • Pg. 180 Actividad 11: Write the correct forms of the verb "ir" to complete the sentences. 
  • Pg. 181 Actividad 13: Write sentences saying where you go to do the listed activities. Follow "Estudiante B" in the model.