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Independent Study - Spanish 1

Barrie Silva
Independent Study


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Paquete 11
  • WB 40: Write the vocabulary word for each item numbered in the picture. 
  • WB 41: Write the location word describing where things are located in the pictures.
  • 10 frases: Write 10 sentences using the vocabulary words on page 120.
  • Pg. 107 Actividad 9: Write the correct form of the verb "estar" to complete the sentences. 


Paquete 12
  • Pg. 107 Actividad 10: Write what classes the students are in based on the pictures.
  • Pg. 108 Actividad 12: Write where the people are based on the picture on the top of the page. Use the verb "estar."
  • Apuntes: Plurals of nouns and articles: Take notes on the plurals of nouns and articles on page 110. You can write your notes in your grammar books (pg. 6).
  • Pg. 110 Actividad 15: Write plural form of the words on activity 15.
  • Pg. 110 Actividad 16: Write the sentences and fill in the blanks with the correct definite articles.