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Independent Study - Spanish 2

Barrie Silva
Independent Study


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Paquete 29
  • Vocabulario pg. 208: Copy the Spanish vocabulary words and their English translations from page 208.
  • Pg. 190 Actividad 4: Follow the model. Write conversations talking about if you had the pictured toys when you were a kid.
  • Pg. 191 Actividad 7: Follow the model. Student A asks if the other student played with the pictured toys. Student B says how often they played with the toys.

Estudiar: Study the vocabulary on page 180, direct object pronouns, irregular tĂș commands, and present progressive for a chapter test.


Paquete 30:
  • Apuntes: Imperfect tense: Take notes on the imperfect tense on page 194.
  • Pg. 195 Actividad 14: Write the paragraph and fill in the blanks with the correct verbs in the imperfect tense.
  • Apuntes: Imperfect tense: irregular verbs: Take notes on the irregular imperfect tense on page 196.
  • Pg. 196 Actividad 16: Write the correct irregular imperfect tense verb to complete the sentence.