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Independent Study - Spanish 2

Barrie Silva
Independent Study


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Paquete 21:
  • WB 55: Write the correct direct object pronoun to complete the sentences (lo, la, los, or las).
  • Pg. 139 Actividad 13: Write conversations using the given pictures. Student A asks why the second person has the pictured item. Student B says why they have it/them (using the direct object pronoun). 
  • 10 frases: Write 10 sentences using the past tense and direct object pronouns. Write what the it/them refers to. (I bought it yesterday. it=tennis racket)
ESTUDIAR: Study for a vocabulary and direct object pronoun quiz next week. 


Paquete 22
  • Apuntes: Irregular preterite:ir, ser: Take notes on the irregular preterite of "ir" and "ser" on page 140.
  • Pg. 140 Actividad 15Write the paragraph and fill in the blanks with the correct conjugated form of "ir" or "ser."
  • Apuntes: Irregular preterite: hacer, tener, estar, poder: Take notes on more irregular preterite on page 142.
  • Pg. 142 Actividad 19: Write the paragraph and fill in the blanks with the correct preterite form of hacer, tener, estar, or poder.
  • 10 frases con pretérito irregular: Write 10 sentences using any of the irregular preterite verbs.