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Say Something!

Too often after an act of youth violence, facts come out that friends suspected or knew something was going to happen but didn’t know what to do with that information. In fact, in 4 out of 5 school shootings, at least one other person knew of the shooter’s intent but said nothing. Additionally, 7 out of 10 people who complete suicide told someone of their plans or gave some type of warning or indication. Imagine how much tragedy could be averted if these individuals said something?The Say Something program raises awareness and teaches students to recognize warning signs, signals and threats; and to “Say Something” to a trusted adult. If you see or hear anything on campus regarding a person doing self-harm or harm to others, say something to a school administrator.
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CHAMPS’ FIRST participation in the National student art contest, REFLECTIONS, was a huge success for us at CHAMPS! As part of the PTA REFLECTIONS Arts in Education Program, we are proud to announce that Nine (9) of our students will be receiving awards at the 31st District PTA, Annual Reflections Open House and Awards Reception. We are proud to congratulate our students who participated in the first REFLECTIONS Programs at CHAMPS! The following students are being honored for the achievement of their artwork and are being recognized with an Award in the category of the submission. The award honors imagination, creativity, and interpretation of the theme “WITHIN REACH”
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Theatre teachers Liz Brasler and Aaron Lenhart worked tirelessly to prepare our students for the Drama Teacher Association of Southern California (DTASC) Showcase and competition. The event was held on October 28, 2017, at Calabasas High School. Two thousand students were in attendance. CHAMPS competed against 67 schools. All but two of our groups made it the semifinals. We captured the following awards:
-5th place trophy monologues!
-5th place costumes
-Honorable mention Large Group Musical
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National PTA Reflections Contest

Within Reach”
That’s the theme for the 2017-2018 Reflections Art Program which has beenbringing the arts to life for more than 10 million students since 1969. CaliforniaState PTA and its members are on the forefront of this amazing program, which increases community awareness of the importance of arts in education. Contest rules and entry forms can be accessed by clicking on the headline.
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