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BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT! for Parents/Guardians ~ OCTOBER 4

On Thursday, October 4, starting at 6 p.m., we will hold this year’s “Back to School Night.” At this time, you can go to all your child’s classes and have some flashbacks of your own high school experiences as you get a chance to meet their teachers, sit in their seats, listen to a mini-lecture on the Paleozoic Period….

This night is for PARENTS/GUARDIANS ONLY. Also, please realize the numbers of people involved and the limitations of our facilities, so it would be great if only one (1) parent attended.

First, retrieve your child’s schedule from TeacherEase. You will be following his/her daily routine.
With schedule in hand, come on down to CHAMPS to follow in the footsteps of your wonderful student. The parking structure behind the Phoenix Building will be locked at 7 p.m., so DO NOT PARK IN THE STRUCTURE.

We will hold 12 minute classes with the normal 8 minute passing time. Since our school day starts with Period 0, we, too, will begin with this class. If your child is not enrolled in a Period 0 class, you can start your “day” when your son/daughter does.

So, the evening shapes up as follows:
Period 0 6:00 – 6:12
Period 1 6:20 – 6:32
Period 2 6:40 – 6:52
Period 3 7:00 – 7:12
Period 4 7:20 – 7:32
Period 5 7:40 – 7:52
Period 6 8:00 – 8:12
Period 7 8:20 – 8:32
Period 8 8:40 – 8:52

During your lunch period, you have to go to the Church Campus where we will serve snacks for anyone interested.

There is only one Period 9 class scheduled so far this year, so we will not include a Period 9 on this schedule. Normally, this period is saved for special after-school events, rehearsals, sports practice, etc.

So come, enjoy, meet the teachers and staff. We look forward to seeing you.