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One Of 180 Teachers They Wanted To Thank

Van Nuys, CA - CHAMPS Charter High School for the Arts. Band Director Jeffrey Byrd received $2500 from Farmers Insurance as part of the company's "Thank America's Teachers" campaign. He is one of 180 teachers to receive funding this year.
Two years ago Mr. Byrd brought on fellow faculty member Michael Lyn as the band department's guitar instructor. Together, the two have grown a guitar program from 5 students to over 25 students. The growing demand on the department to outfit students with guitars can now be remedied because of Farmers' commitment to education. 
Mr. Byrd will also be using the funds to purchase much-needed items to enhance the school's music and events programs, among them: Amps, monitors, drum mics, and direct boxes.
Fully committed to his students' success, Mr. Byrd stated, "This makes my students very happy. They know we don't have all of the stuff most schools have. We're able to provide more resources to our students and expand our band program."
The purchase of these instruments and equipment supports students' performances and their ability to learn skills related to, and the technology behind, live performances and event production.
Mr. Byrd uses music as a tool to allow students to express themselves creatively, aligning with the CHAMPS Charter mission to educate, guide, and inspire creative and critical thinking through artistic experience.
Farmers is giving away over $1 million in grant money to deserving teachers across America. For more information, visit Farmers Insurance: Thank America's Teachers
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