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Students Take to The Situation Room

The White House Cabinet room contains the actual desk and paneling taken from the room where the cabinet met during the Obama administration.


Students were given roles to prepare for the simulation ahead of time and were either members of the press or of the President’s cabinet. Based on their roles, they were then given tablets describing their relationship to the impending crisis and to one another.
The cabinet’s job was to correctly inform the press while having to deal with misinformation that could lead to an international conflict, and to assume leadership roles in the absence of the chief executive.
Meanwhile the press had to obtain accurate information on the status of the president while simultaneously reporting on conflicting reports from a variety of sources both national and international.
Mr. Ciampa said, "I have rarely seen students so thoroughly engaged as they were in this three hour simulation."
A special thanks go out to Leticia Fernandez and Roque Moscoso for being such fantastic chaperones.