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Passato Prossimo Intro Presentation

Here is the full presentation that covers all of passato prossimo and how it is formed that we have been learning in chunks for the past two weeks. The little notepad and pencil indicate the most important slides that you should have taken notes on and know really well.

Compito della Settimana - Italiano 3

Scegli una zona d'italia (nord, centro o sud) e ricerca dei fatti di quella zona, poi scrivi 10 superlativi e paragona quella zona con l'Italia intera.
Choose an area of Italy (north, central or south) and research facts about that area, then write 10 superlative statements and compare that area to Italy as a whole.
Ecco un link a quel capitolo che leggiamo questa settimana in classe:

Week 4 Homework - Italian 2

Make your own memory trick for the verbs that use essere with passato prossimo, such as a drawing, poem/rhyme, story, song/rap, video, etc. Let your creativity run free! The only requirement is that you use at least 10 of the 20 common verbs that use essere. You can find them and their definitions here:

Week 4 Homework - Italian 1

Write 2 paragraphs in Italian, 10 sentences each, about yourself, first describing yourself (follow the model on pg 38 of your textbook), then describing a typical day with a variety of verbs (like the paragraph that I gave you containing the Parole Del Giorno, as shown below)

As with every Compito della Settimana, it is due next Monday, and you may either email/share it or handwrite it (double spaced).

Prof Schrader's Typical Day:  Ogni mattina mi alzo alle 6. Prima mangio la colazione, poi preparo il pranzo. Bacio il marito e la mia Stellina. Vado a scuola in macchina. Insegno l’italiano. Dopo scuola finisce, scrivo gli appunti, preparo per il prossimo giorno e poi ritorno a casa. Cucino la cena e mangio con il marito. Dopo la cena, guardiamo un po’ di TV e poi vado a letto alle 10:30.

Week 3 Homework - Italian 2

COMPITO DELLA SETTIMANA: Make flashcards of participi passati irregolari (on pg 213) - CONJUGATED w a subject.
Front Side: ha scritto --> Back Side: s/he wrote
Front Side: abbiamo letto --> Back Side: we read
You may make your flashcards with Quizlet and share the set with me.

Week 3 Homework - Italian 1

Make flashcards for all the verbs on pg 67 of Chiarissimo, with the Italian and a drawing on the front and the english on the back. The cards can be small (I cut my 3x5 index cards into thirds) and can even be just be made with paper.
These will help you to study for the quiz on Friday
VERB QUIZ ON FRIDAY - the quiz will be on both the meaning of these verbs and their conjugation which you studied last semester and we have been reviewing since the beginning of this semester

Week 2 Homework

Label 10-20 objects at home that you use frequently with its Italian name and say that word every time you see/use it in a complete sentence (Questo/questa è il/la ________ = This is the _______). Challenge yourself, pick objects that you don't already know how to say!
Take a picture of your labeled objects and email or show them to me for credit.

Week 1 Homework

Week 1 Homework
1) Complete technology survey, tell me about yourself, and have your parents read and sign it.
2) Replace one word you use often in English with the word in Italian for the entire week. Not just in class but IN YOUR REAL LIFE, ALL THE TIME. Students chose their words in class but here are some examples if you are a parent that would like to join in or you forgot your word:
va bene - ok
figo - cool
vero - true
stesso - same
boh - I don't know (shortened slang verson)
Dai! (sounds like die) - no way!/oh come on!
fra - bro/dude
Certo! - of course/sure!
Figurati! - No worries!