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Board of Directors » Goals


The Board of Directors for CHAMPS Charter High School for the Arts commissioned that a strategic plan be developed to shape and guide growth of the school over the next several years. You can read about the four main goals that emerged from the strategic plan on this page.

Strategic Goals:

Vision Alignment: Leading edge approaches are in place to strengthen both students’ and teachers’ capacity to perform at continually higher levels in core academics (e.g., Math, English) and in creative arts academies.


Maintain a high-quality educational program that effectively prepares graduates for college and career readiness, including fostering the creativity and resourcefulness required for post-secondary academics and the 21st century workplace.

Specific attention given to:
  • College readiness: academic program effectively prepares graduates for college
  • Career readiness: academic program effectively prepares graduates for creative-leaning careers
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Grades/State Testing/SAT, ACT, AP Analysis and tracking
  • Academy enrollment and interest (surveys and sign-ups)
  • Post Secondary Data Tracking (college, career, etc.)
  • Regular SWOT analysis of competing programs in other schools and feeder schools


Immediate and Ongoing 
Vision Alignment:
By recognizing and celebrating cultural diversity, artistic interpretation and individual expression, we sustain the intangible essence and culture of CHAMPS. 

Continue to cultivate and promote a unique culture in which CHAMPS:
  • Accepts, celebrates and encourages individual uniqueness
  • Fosters grit and resourcefulness to build adaptability
  • Nurtures and develops creativity and self-expression
  • Enrollment trends, wait list trends, and annual/bi-annual surveys.


  • Immediate and Ongoing 
Vision Alignment:
By providing students with facilities designed with aesthetic sensibility, CHAMPS recognizes and embraces the needs of cultural creatives through physical space. 

Align facilities with the CHAMPS academic program and culture, to facilitate the school’s educational and cultural goals focused on specific outcomes:
  • Address ongoing program needs and build appropriate teaching/performance spaces and soundproofing issues.
  • Effectively utilize current facilities to ensure “play space” such as a multipurpose, flexible, outdoor hangout space or indoor “chill space” where students can convene, play music, connect, and lounge.
  • Engage building owner for long-term partnership of maintenance, enhancement and improvement.
  • Establish a premiere performance and multipurpose venue to support arts academies in showcasing student achievement.
  • Completion, functionality, timeliness


  • Start of 2018-19 school year, rolled into long-term facilities plan 
Vision Alignment:
Students are free to engage fully in pursuit of their academic goals, knowing that CHAMPS is sustained sufficiently through responsible fiscal management.

Build and maintain ongoing financial stability through reserves, credit, and budgetary controls sufficient to confront a difficult fiscal environment without running into negative reserves:
  • Develop concrete targets for cash reserves.
  • Set clear enrollment goals for the next three years, aligned with final lease/space negotiations.
  • Implement a fundraising effort to heighten annual giving, corporate sponsorship, and a broadened grant application purview.
  • Develop and launch a capital campaign to drive major gifts toward a key goal – e.g. a performance space and/or ongoing endowment fund.
1. Cash reserves/net income at acceptable level
2. Enrollment management, including early budgeting process to align enrollment with staffing and expenditures
3. Yearly compensation review: salaries and benefits
4. Finance Committee process: oversight of budget and transparency with Board


  • Immediate and Ongoing