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Mission Statement » Arts Integration

Arts Integration

Integrated Arts  Education  is a pedagogy in which the arts are deeply embedded within the core curriculum subjects and concurrently a catalyst to learn other subjects.
With integrated arts education arts play a major role in helping students address broad curriculum themes and achieve robust habits of mind including such characteristics as imagination, discipline, collaboration, inquiry, divergent problem solving, empathy, and making connections. The focus is on enriching students’ abilities to attain, analyze, discern, and invent knowledge. Integrated arts education fosters Multiple Intelligences. An integrated arts education ranges from a single lesson to an entire curricula framework.

Basic Characteristics of an Integrated Arts Education:

  • Requires in depth student of dance, music, theater, film, visual media, and /or visual arts involving students in process that are authentic to the arts (creating, performing, and responding);
  • Involves teaching for deeper understanding of other subjects with the arts;
  • Promotes students’ abilities to solve problems, analyze knowledge, generate insights, use their imaginations and curiosity, synthesize new relationships among ideas, and make meaningful connections across subjects;
  • Is standards-based and requires forms of standards-based assessment that address the arts;
  • Consciously applies methodology and language from complementary subjects, including the arts, to examine a central theme, issue, problem, topic or experience;
  • Engages all students in active learning, providing a forum for them to create, perform and respond artistically in core subject areas;
  • Involves community resources (such as performing arts centers, museums, galleries, and artists) in and out of school;
  • Acknowledges and fosters multiple intelligences, critical thinking, and artistic scholarship in students;
  • Maintains a high level of academic rigor and supports the college-bound population.