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Attendance Policy

Student absences have a direct impact on performance and grades. Attendance is taken each day for every period. The CHAMPS Attendance Policy was devised to keep students in class and reduce the number of days absent. The school will make every effort to notify parents of troublesome attendance patterns; however, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain satisfactory attendance.


Notification of Absence when a student is absent: The Attendance Office must be notified regarding each day of absence. This communication explaining their absence can be achieved through any one the following ways:


  • A phone call to the Attendance Hotline, T: 818-855-5482
  • An email to the Attendance Office at 
  • A written note delivered to the Attendance Office or attendance drop box located on the mezzanine level of the Phoenix Building.


Absence excuses that are turned in later than two (2) days after the absence will not be accepted, and the absence will remain unexcused. Excused absences include illness, medical or dental appointments, funeral or death of an immediate family member, court or religious holiday.


Absences of More Than Three (3) Days: If you know in advance your child is going to be absent for more than three days, please notify the Attendance Office as soon as possible to discuss the option of Independent Study during that time. Medical absences beyond three days require a physician’s note.


Excessive Absences Over the course of each semester: Students who accumulate three (3) absences in a course will receive an Excessive Absence Notification letter. If a student reaches six (6) absences in a class, they will be scheduled for an individual counseling session. Students who have ten (10) absences in a course will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Team (SART) to determine any underlying causes of absenteeism and jointly develop an attendance contract. Students with fifteen (15) absences in a course will be drop/failed from the course or unenrolled from CHAMPS.



Punctual attendance in each class is expected of all students. It is imperative that students arrive at school on time and be ready to work at the start of class. Tardiness is disruptive to the other members of the class, as well as to the teacher. In addition, it slows down the student’s own academic progress when they miss instruction. If the student arrives to class after attendance is taken without a proper excuse, they are marked unexcused tardy.


Excessive tardies will be tracked as follows: Every three (3) unexcused tardies per class will equal one (1) absence.


These absences will accumulate towards our regular attendance intervention process. Students with an unexcused tardy in excess of thirty (30) minutes or who leave class early without permission will be considered absent.



If a student has to leave early during the school day, the parent must report to the front desk with ID to check the student out. In limited cases when this is not feasible, notification can be made by phone call, email or written note and must include a telephone number where the parent can be reached for verification.


If someone other than the parent/guardian is going to pick up the student, the person’s name, relationship to the student and phone number must also be included in the notification.


If the student is leaving campus on his or her own by driving the student’s car, taking the bus, or walking, this information must be included in the notification as well.


The office will phone the parent/guardian to verify this information.