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Keeping Parents Informed: LAUSD-Authorized Charter Transparency 

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Charter High School of the Arts (CHAMPS) is a charter public school governed by a nonprofit board of directors and overseen by the Los Angeles Unified School District. On January 12, 2016, the LAUSD board voted to approve a Board Resolution, “Keeping Parents Information: Charter Transparency” which was passed with the support of the LA charter community. The resolution highlighted information and data that charter public schools share with parents through their charter petitions, School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), Local Education Agency Plans, Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP), Annual Audits, and other publicly available documents.


This information is available from Charter High School of the Arts (CHAMPS) electronically or manually by parent request. Per board resolution, parents may request this information in English and any single primary language meeting the requirements of Sections 45400 through 45403 of the California Education Code. Please submit parent requests for translated information to Renee Rodriguez, Director of Finance & Enrollment.



  • -  Charter Petition

  • -  School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

  • -  2018 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASP)

  • -  Local Education Agency Plan

  • -  Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

  • -  Audited Financial Statements (Education Protection Account, EPA)


Safety and Facilities

  • Health and safety plans and procedures (see charter petition, page __)

  • School facility assessment (see School Accountability Report Card)

  • Curriculum and Instructional Focus (see charter petition, page __)

  • Local Education Agency Plan (see link above)

  • Instructional materials (see School Accountability Report Card)

  • Curriculum content (see charter petition, page __)


Faculty and Staff

  • Teacher credential status (see School Accountability Report Card)

  • Qualifications of employees (including school leaders); Staff (including, but not limited to teachers, administrators, clerical staff, custodial staff, aides, etc.) compensation scheme available upon request. (see charter petition, page __)

  • Governance Structure and Financial Management (see charter petition, page __)

  • Brown Act compliance (see charter petition, page __)

  • Governance structure and policies (see charter petition, page __)

  • Any material relationships among the school, its board of directors and any person or entity controlling, controlled by, or under common control with the school or its board of directors; As used herein, “control” has the meaning ascribed to it in Rule 405 promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended – that is, the possession, direct or indirect, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a person, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract, or otherwise.

  • Audited Financial Statements provided upon request to Executive Director (see link above)

  • Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) (see link above)

Food Services
  • Meals offered to students

  • CHAMPS Charter High School provides free and reduced-price meals to students who would be eligible for them at a traditional public school

  • Lottery processes (including any preferences) and enrollment deadlines (see charter petition, page __)

  • Academic Performance (in each case, disaggregated for all numerically significant subgroups) (see 2018 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, link above)

  • Statewide testing results (see 2018 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, link above)


Student Demographic Rates

  • Ethnicity (see School Accountability Report Card)

  • Income-eligibility for free and reduced-price meals (see School Accountability Report Card)

  • English Language Learner status (see School Accountability Report Card)

  • Special Education, by type (detailed to the extent permitted by applicable state and

    federal law and as available by traditional District public schools) (see School Accountability Report Card)