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Morgen Piper » Welcome to Special Education!

Welcome to Special Education!

Hi! I'm Morgen, but students generally call me Ms. Piper. I am new to CHAMPS. I started working in education WAY BACK in 2002 (many of our seniors were born that year) working as a science teacher for alternative school groups while I finished my bachelor's degree. I was interested in mental health and took a job as a teacher in a residential treatment facility as I couldn't make a decision of what direction to go in, education or mental health. After a year I realized my passion was not one, but both. I immediately began working toward a master's degree in the Education of Persons with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders from the University of New Mexico. I have spent half of my career as a classroom teacher, in self contained, co teaching and inclusive models. I love teaching!
The other half of my career has been spent engaged in organizational development and implementation of Multi Tiered Systems of Support, inclusive of PBIS, at federal, regional, state, LEA and the building level. In that time I was able to work for, with and hire my (academic) heros Dr. Rob Horner (founder of PBIS, University of Oregon) & Dr Steve Goodman (Michigan's Integrated Behavioral and Learning Support Initiative.) It was SO COOL because I had just finished studying every academic paper these two men wrote for my grad program. These years were full of transformative experiences! I was humbled to work with educational leaders & national experts,and attend symposiums held by figures like Dr. Temple Grandin and Rick and Becky DuFours. It opened my eyes very early in my career to the fact that ALL students can meet with success. I am fiercely passionate about special education and social/emotional education and have continued my education to this day by enrolling in university courses slowly working my way towards a PhD.
As a recent transplant to Los Angeles I spend lots of time exploring our city. LA is a great! The ocean, fly fishing up north, ballroom and swing dancing, photography collectives & MUA, fine dining & craft wine, music and cultural events, our community has to offer keep me busy. Of all my interests, classic cars are my favorite! I spent 10 years working part time in hot rod shops and drag racing classic cars, on the dragstrip in quarter mile. I sold most of my classics when I moved from my hometown to the Mid Atlantic, all but my first. I still have her, a 1960 Buick LeSabre, and I don't think we could ever part!
I'm excited to get to know the CHAMPS community and to do the best possible we can for student that receive special education services.