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Media Arts

Welcome to the Media Arts Department
Our Mission is to help students begin designing their future. The CHAMPS Media Arts Department will inspire, educate, and challenge diverse students of art, photography, design, and film to be confident content creators who enrich our world through their creativity, skills and vision.

Interested 9th graders take the Media Arts Wheel which includes 8-10 weeks in each of the following disciplines:
  • Digital Photography and Photoshop with Mr. Campi
  • Painting and Drawing with Ms. Bastun
  • Digital Cinema with Ms. Mockwitz
  • Media Literacy and Communication with Mr. Ciampa
This provides students with realistic insight into an area they may want pursue in more depth as 10th-12th graders, they also gain a foundational understanding of correct media arts production techniques that they can use to complete artistic projects in any of their other classes.

10th - 12th graders may enter any of the year-long level one classes and progress through more advanced study as there abilities and interests grow.

Media Arts Department Policies
100%-90%=A | 89%-80%=B | 79%-70%=C | 69%-60=D | 59%-0=F
The four major elements that decide a student’s grade are:
Most projects are explained and completed in class, therefore attendance is very important.
Class participation:
There will be very little homework assigned, therefore, students need to be working on and completing class related projects in order to successfully complete each course.
Maintain a positive attitude:
Be nice, polite and supportive of others
Complete all Weekly Assignments: you can make up any missing assignments
Be in your seat and ready to work before the tardy bell rings. Lateness disrupts and wastes class time.