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The Performing Arts Academy focuses on developing artists - students who are intrinsically motivated, creatively courageous, disciplined, and respectful.  The performing arts help young adults discover personal power, collaborative responsibility, and a vitality for life that will support them in whatever professional field they enter.

Dance Academy

"To dance is to be yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.
This is power on Earth, and it is yours for the taking."
Agnes DeMille

In the Dance Academy. we strongly emphasize and nurture the artistry in each young dancer, encouraging them to find an authentic and expressive voice through movement and dance. Students of the Dance Academy are involved in the study of daily technique, including: classical ballet, modern dance, Graham technique, jazz, tap, and contemporary. Dance students also have the opportunity to study musical theatre, voice, dance improvisation and composition.  
The Dance Academy faculty encourages students to be involved in Dance in our community and mentors students in participation in various scholarship and continuing educational programs. 
"Technical perfection is insufficient, it is an orphan without the true soul of a dancer." 
Sylvie Guillem

Music Academy


The Music Department at CHAMPS Charter High School for the Arts is designed to give students a holistic education of music that both enhances their instrumental or vocal techniques, as well as their understanding of musical history and theory. To prepare them either for entrance to a university-level music program or music conservatory, or for entering the professional world of music, students study composition, theory, history, ear training and dictation, and both individual and ensemble performance techniques. Students are introduced to traditional as well as contemporary classical music, world music, jazz, and film and theatrical music through their studies. The creative ensemble course allows students to individually improve their technical skills on their instrument, as well as expand their skills as a composer, through the writing and performances of student-created pieces. Instrumental performance opportunities come through the intermediate and advanced jazz, creative ensemble, and percussion ensemble classes.

Our ensembles include:
The Advanced Virtual Orchestra (sixteen digital keyboards connected to a computer system that creates virtual flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, french horns, trumpets, trombones, timpani, percussion, piano, harp and string sections (Violin I, Violin II, Viola, 'Cello and Contrabass) with the latest professional music programs and virtual instruments including MOTU Digital Performer 7.23, Notion 3, Sibelius 6, Kontakt 4, MachFive 2 and Noteflight (Noteflight is an online music sequencer and printing program. Each music student is provided with their own personal account that they can work with on any PC or Mac computer in school, at home or anywhere).
Concert Choir, Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz Band

Theatre Academy

"Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art."
Constantin Stanislavsky
The Theatre Academy at CHAMPS provides a comprehensive exploration of Theatre Arts as a whole.  Acting studies emphasize both a commitment to ensemble work and individual specificity.  Physical training includes voice, diction, dance (jazz & tap), stage combat, body-weather, Butoh, and Laban training. Theatre history and world styles are studied from a dynamic, compositional perspective.  Playwriting is a fundamental component of the curriculum; as is the art of stage direction.  
Throughout, the Academy seeks to develop and celebrate each student's unique, artistic voice; and, in so doing, build confidence, discipline, teamwork, leadership, and a bold, inventive approach to the world.
Ample theatre productions assist students in their development as actors, writers, directors, stage technicians, and even production designers.  Academy students have the opportunity to participate in theatre field trips, festivals, student films, and a wide variety of master classes taught by professionals from the world of theatre, film, and television.
Graduates of CHAMPS Theatre Academy have gained admission to many of the top college and university Acting programs in the country, including the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, CALARTS, NYU Tisch, Syracuse University, Boston University, USC, UCLA, Pace University, Marymount Manhattan, DePaul University, Stanford University, Chapman University, University of Redlands, Cornish College of the Arts, and others.