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SERVICE LEARNING (Community Service) Information

SERVICE LEARNING through community outreach is an integral part of our CHAMPS philosophy and students have requirements to meet annually. Participation in the SERVICE LEARNING program is mandatory for all CHAMPS students.  A list of approved SERVICE LEARNING opportunities is listed on this site.  If a student wants to work on a project that is not already on this list, they must submit a request form before they can be credited with any service hours.  An authorized supervisor must verify all volunteer work. 
There is a minimum community service obligation for each student of 25 hours per year attending CHAMPS.  Hours may be earned during the summer.
Students who have not completed their required SERVICE LEARNING obligation through student community service  or have failed to turn in completion forms will not be able to participate in graduation activities nor receive their diploma this obligation is fulfilled.
The SERVICE LEARNING committee is pleased to announce that the forms needed are currently downloadable from the link below. 
Juniors who would like to leave campus during lunch must have a minimum of 50 hours logged into Q and have a signed permission slip from their parent/guardian to receive an off campus permission sticker.
Seniors - Seventy-five percent of the student's Service Learning must be completed the first day of the second semester or they may forfeit their opportunity to particpate in Senior activities. 
Seniors must complete their service learning hours in full by the last Friday in April to be eligible to walk on stage for graduation from CHAMPS.
Get started today! Completion forms are also available in the CHAMPS main office.
Please email any questions you may have to

1. You must work in a volunteer, unpaid capacity with an approved non-profit organization.
2.  There is one official list of approved organizations listed on this site.  If you want to fulfill your Service Learning with an activity or organization not included on the list, submit the name and contact information on the permission form.  Do not proceed with your project for credit until approval has been given by one of the service learning chairpersons.
3. SERVICE LEARNING hours may not be fulfilled with any mandatory school service nor graded class. 
4.  The adult supervisor where your service is given must be able to verify the days and hours of your service.
5.   Please maintain a copy of any service documents.
6. Student may not volunteer in a private home.

7. Students must follow rules, dress appropriately and remember that they are representing CHAMPS.