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Honors Program

In accordance with our mission, the English Honors program at CHAMPS strives to enhance students’ ability to communicate effectively, think critically, and more richly develop their understanding of the human condition through arts and literature. What distinguishes an Honors class from its counterpart at all grade levels are the academic rigor, number of texts studied, level of discussion, as well as the depth and complexity of written work. To become a part of the program, students undertake a written assessment in which they read a selection of text and write a brief essay in response to a prompt. A review panel of English teachers independently evaluates students’ work and places them accordingly.

  • All incoming freshmen will be assessed for placement.
  • Students may apply for promotion to Honors between grade levels.
  • A final grade of “C” in English Honors requires reassessment to remain in the program.
  • A grade of “D” or lower, either final or mid-year, will result in transfer from the program.
To be considered for the Honors Program, please contact your counselor.