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Attention Parents & Students:
Home games are going to be held at the YMCA located behind the CHAMPS Phoenix building campus. 

1) If my son/daughter does not make the team what will happen to their P.E. credits so that they can graduate on time?
          1.If your son/daughter is already in a P.E. class than nothing will change to their schedule. They will continue to have P.E. unless they try-out for Spring sport.
        2.If they are not currently enrolled in a P.E. class then they will come after school and participate with the team, but will not play in the games.
2) Why are the game times so early and during the week? Aren't the students going to miss class?

1.When it comes to sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, and any other team vs. team sport, games are held during the week at a time not only available to both schools, but also mandated by the league and association to which they play/represent. Because we are a part of the LA section, games must be scheduled early in the day to accommodate for gym and bus times. For example, because we do not have a gym on campus we can use for games we must rent out a facility. This facility allows us a certain time, such as 2pm, where we can hold a game. Games will not be played later than 5pm during the week unless it is apart of a tournament.
2.Students will miss class during game days. Their teachers will be given a list of students on the team and the player is then responsible for communicating with the teacher and making up any missed assignments.

Note: Missing some late day classes for games is normal in the realm of High School sports.
Important Updates:
1.Students need to get their physicals in order to play. Forms on website. If students do not have the forms completed they can not play. However, if they have a physical already from another sport they are already cleared.
2.Spirit Pack: Boys and Girls players are highly encourged to purchase their Spirit Pack.