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STUDENTS » 4 Steps to Getting Your Student Work Permit

4 Steps to Getting Your Student Work Permit

4 Steps to Getting Your Student Work Permit


STEP 1: Find a Job

When you have an offer to work from an employer, you will then need to apply for your work permit. Work permits will only be issued before employment begins for non-hazardous occupations and positions.



  • Students must have 2.0 cumulative GPA and no grade lower than a ‘C’ in core academic classes needed to graduate
    • Students with GPA lower than 2.0 may be issued a probationary work permit for 45 days – after the 45 day period, the students’ GPA will be reevaluated to determine whether the Work Permit will be reissued for an additional amount of time. Probationary work permits WILL NOT BE ISSUED for students applying to work in the Entertainment Industry.
  • Students must adhere by CHAMPS attendance policy and not have any excessive absences or tardies.
  • Employer's signature
  • Parent/guardian signature
  • School official's signature.
  • Work permits take an average of 2 business days to process
  • A separate Work Permit must be issued for each employer. The total number of hours worked for all employers must not exceed the number allowed by law.

STEP 2: Pick-Up Your Forms

You need to download or pick-up either the INTENT TO EMPLOY FORM, or the APPLICATION FOR ENTERTAINMENT WORK PERMIT FORM from the main office or your counselor.




STEP 3: Complete Your Work Permit Application

  • Complete the work permit form with parent/guardian signature. 
  • For the INTENT TO EMPLOY FORM, the employer must complete the "Employer" section.


STEP 4: Submit Your Work Permit Application

  • Return your completed form to the main office or counselor. Up to 2 working days are required to process the work permit.
  • Permits may be picked up from the main office once they have been signed by the counselor.