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Service Learning



The service learning program has two major objectives:

1) To provide students with firsthand knowledge of some major social problems and to create in them a sense of responsibility for helping to solve those problems; and

2) To develop a sense of genuine cooperation and community spirit within the school. CHAMPS students are expected to participate in service learning through community outreach every year.

The minimum  service learning obligation for each student is 25 hours per year attending CHAMPS which is equates to 100 total hours for 4 years.

Students who have not completed their required service learning obligation or have failed to turn in completion forms will not be able to participate in graduation activities nor receive their diploma until this obligation is fulfilled.

The required completion forms are posted on the CHAMPS website at the bottom of the Service Learning Requirements page. All hours and entries will be verified. It is important to note that students are required to maintain a copy of the signed  Service Learning Completion Form.

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Student Service Learning Rules:

1. Students must work in a volunteer, unpaid capacity with an approved non-profit organization.

2. There is one official list of approved organizations listed on the CHAMPS website under the STUDENT TAB on the top, right side of our website. . If students desire to fulfill hours with an activity or organization not included on the list the organization name, contact information and permission form must be submitted for committee approval.

3. Student service learning hours may not be fulfilled by participation in any mandatory school service requirement.

4. The adult service supervisor must be able to verify the days and hours of service. 

5. Students should maintain copies of all documented service hours until graduation.

6. Students may not volunteer in a private home.

7. Students must follow an organizations rules, dress appropriately, and remember that they are representing CHAMPS.

8. Students must submit their service learning forms within 6 months of completing their service. Please do not hold on to forms as they will not be accepted after that period of time.

We recommend that each student fulfill and submit as many hours as possible over and above the minimum requirement to be considered for additional recognition for scholarships, internships, and acknowledgments.

Juniors who would like to leave campus during lunch must have a minimum of 50 hours logged into Q and have a signed permission slip from their parent/guardian to receive an off campus permission sticker.
Seniors - Seventy-five percent of the student's Service Learning must be completed the first day of the second semester or they may forfeit their opportunity to particpate in Senior activities. 
Seniors must complete their service learning hours in full by the last Friday in April to be eligible to walk on stage for graduation from CHAMPS.