CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts - Multimedia and Performing

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The vision for every student at CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts – Multimedia and Performing is to have the highest regard for learning and an unwavering belief that all students are responsible partners with our staff for their learning. As a school, we welcome all returning students and the Class of 2015 and, as we plan a new school year, we want all of our students to experience success in charting their academic courses toward graduation and college.
CHAMPS is a community of learners where we all have important expectations and responsibilities. As a student, we expect you to accept the role of learner with enthusiasm, curiosity, commitment and diligence. We expect you to endeavor to learn and to challenge yourself intellectually while the staff will encourage you to reach your highest potential and prepare you for your future college experience. As educators, we accept our responsibility to teach you, to challenge your intellect, and to invite as well as to encourage your curiosity. We are committed to help you achieve in every possible way. However, it is most important for everyone to recognize that when students and staff work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation, they can learn together and accomplish great results.

The mission statement is our commitment of how we view ourselves and the pledge that our students and staff make to the ultimate goal. It is important for you to recognize and appreciate these elements and characteristics as universal in nature and applicable to all CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts – Multimedia and Performing learners of all ages and abilities. I am confident that if you think of yourself in these terms, you will find that many of these traits define you as a learner.
We trust that each of you will have an outstanding new school year, and that it overflows with accomplishments and opportunities for you to develop your academic and co-curricular abilities.