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CHAMPS Graduation Requirements 


Total credits needed for CHAMPS graduation = 220 credits


The following course of study comprises the minimum requirements for graduation from CHAMPS. It does not take into account additional coursework that may be required for meeting minimum UC/CSU entrance requirements, or for academic coursework recommended in order to build a student’s competitiveness for college admission. Our award-winning guidance and college counseling professionals can assist in directing students to the courses that will best meet their needs.

A Social Studies

(3 years required) World History AB, US History AB, Government/Economics

B English

(4 years required) English 9 AB / Honors English 9 AB, English 10 AB / Honors English 10 AB, English 11 AB / Honors English 11 AB, English 12 AB / Honors English 12 AB, AP Literature AB

C Math

(3 years required) Algebra 1AB, Geometry AB. Further coursework is strongly recommended. Additional offerings include: Algebra 2AB, Pre-calculus, Calculus, and AP Calculus.

D Lab Science

(2 years required) Biology AB, Chemistry AB. Further coursework is strongly recommended. Additional offerings include: AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics.

Foreign Language

(2 years required) four semesters of the same foreign language, completed at least through the 2B level. One to two years of further study is strongly recommended.

F Visual/Performing Arts

(1 year required) two semesters of the same arts course, chosen from among drama, dance, music, visual arts (including fine arts, new media, film, and radio).

G Academic Electives

(70 - 80 credits minimum) Chosen from elective courses from the above listed areas of study, including academy curriculum.

H Physical Education

 (2 years required) four semesters of physical education, usually completed during 9th and 10th grade years. To be chosen from general physical education, dance, Pilates, and various team sports.