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Independent Study

CHAMPS Charter High School Independent Study Program

CHAMPS Charter High School Independent Study Program provides a flexible, instructional format for individual students who are unable to attend daily courses due to social, medical or professional needs.  For the non-traditional student, the Independent Study Program provides an opportunity for a comprehensive high school education, offering core academics specially tailored for the individual.  The same high academic standards and expectations of all CHAMPS’ classrooms will be placed on each Independent Study Course, with the ultimate goal of preparing each student for success beyond high school.

The CHAMPS Independent Study Program is unique to other Independent Study Programs, as students are taught by and meet with teachers that are credentialed in the particular subject in which they are enrolled.  Our Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies teachers not only design the academic program, but directly oversee and monitor the student’s progress.

What makes our program especially exceptional is that each Independent Study student is assigned a school counselor that creates their individual class schedule, specifically designed toward high school graduation and college preparation.  Additionally, these students meet with our College Counselor for college information, direction and assistance.

Independent Study students may participate in our math workshop, which is offered every day from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for tutoring if additional instruction and assistance is needed.  Students have access to our Computer Lab during scheduled days and hours.

The mission of CHAMPS Charter High School Independent Study Program is to engage students in a rigorous education that empowers them to reach their highest potential and inspires a love of learning.  Champions of academic excellence, social responsibility, self-expression and lifelong learning are fostered through our Independent Study Program.


CHAMPS Charter High School Independent Study Program is approved by L.A.U.S.D.

 For further information, please contact Robyn Pope at (818) 994-7614, Extension 518