Agenda 10/19

QW# 33= Is it fair for someone to tell you who you can and cannot hang out with? (What are they really saying?) 8-10 min
Objective= The Outbreak of the French Revolution!!!
Lecture= Chap. 3 Sect. 1 (15-20 min)
Film = (12 Min)
Class work= See below (10 Min)
No HW!!!!!
Class work in notebooks!!!! Label it Causes of French Revolution!!!!
Using your class notes and the information you learned in the today’s film, create a list of the causes of the French Revolution. (Minimum 5 reasons). You should number them in order of importance 1-5. include one sentence for each reason explaining/justifying why you placed it where you did…

Reasons for Revolution
Debt, Age of Enlightenment, Weak King and Queen, price of bread, Ancien Regime, American Revolution, etc…………………………………
1. Ancien Regime- The Ancien regime was most responsible for the eventual Revolution because it created an unfair country that people would want to change.
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