Agenda 11/15/2017 (Per. 2,4)

QW# 28= What is the hardest you have ever worked? Describe what you did and if you earned any money?
CW: in Notebooks Industrial revolution # 1
Lecture Chap. 5 sect. 1
CW# 2 Industrial revolution # 2
Industrial Revolution# 1 in notebook
“Day in the life of” Journal entry
In about a page, describe an average day in the life of a pre-industrial family. Describe your average morning, noon and night.
Industrial Revolution # 2 Turn in on separate sheet of paper!
1. How did changes in farming help create the Industrial Revolution ?
2. How did population increases help create the Industrial Revolution?
3. Discuss 2 new inventions/discoveries of the Agricultural Revolution?
4. What happened to many farm families when the Agricultural Revolution began?