Agenda 8/23 (Per. 2/4)

QW# 4= Explain the following quotation:"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
10 minutes to finish class work from yesterday
Chap. 1 Sect. 2 Rome
Study Guide (Chap. 1 Sect 1/2 Quiz)
CW# 3 Chap. 1 Sect. 2 Questions (In Notebook)
Chap. 1 Sect. 2
How did Rome’s early government differ from their ancestors?
How did the Roman Republic become an empire?
What new ideas about law did the Romans introduce?
What was Greco-Roman Civilization and how has it impacted us?
Quiz# 1  Study Guide
15 fill in the blank
2 short response questions
Terms: City-State, Sparta, Athens, Democracy, Limited Democracy, Direct Democracy,
Jury, logic/Reason, Philosophers, republic, Consul, Dictator, tribune, veto, Carthage, civil laws, laws of nations