Agenda 9/7/17- 9/8/17

QW # 9 = Are humans born good/bad or a little of both? Explain!
Intro to the Enlightenment/The age of Reason
Chapter 2 Sect. 1 (Scientific Revolution/Hobbes vs Locke
CW:   “Heroes of the Enlightenment “

CW: Heroes of the Enlightenment
PT. 1
1. Where did people get their information prior to the Scientific revolution?
2. Why is Isaac Newton considered an important enlightenment Figure?
3. How did Newton's ideas of universal laws (gravity) spread to common
PT. 2 Letter to Hobbes or Locke
In this activity you will write a letter either in support of/or in disagreement with either Locke or Hobbes.
Must include their opinion on both human nature and best form of Government?
Must include your opinion of human nature and government?