Agenda 9/28 9/29 (per. 1,2,3,4, 5)

QW# 14= Free write!!
Discuss quiz next Wed
CW: (separate sheet of paper, Due today!!!!) Test Review
Study Guide: Define the following terms/people/events (Due Monday!)
(Hobbes, Locke, Natural Rights, Philosophe, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau, Laissez Faire, Smith, censorship, salons, Baroque, Rococo, Enlightened despot, Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great, JosephII)
CW: Test Review Page 78
#s 1-4 Write the entire question
#s 7, 8, 9, 12, 13
Quiz Review Chapter 2 Sections 1-2
35 Points Total
Fill In= 10 points (Terms: people, places,events)
Matching= 5 points
True/False= 10 points
Short response = 10 points (2 questions based on classwork)