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Written Arts » Written Arts Academy: Misson

Written Arts Academy: Misson




How do I know what I think until I see what I say?


-E.M. Forster


The Written Arts Academy provides an opportunity for students with both the inclination and ability to express themselves creatively a chance to do so in a variety of formats and genres, all focused on the ultimate goal of creating polished and publishable work representative of the clarity and insights gained through exploration of the writing process. A three-year, elective-based Academy that begins its course of study during a student's sophomore year, Written Arts allows students to maintain the rigor of a demanding core academic schedule, while providing unique opportunities and creative outlets in classes designed to support and inspire CHAMPions of Self Expression through the written (and most often typed) word.


An award-winning literary journal (The Fish on the Door), a satirical newspaper (The Champion), a student-written multimedia/performance piece (Mod Op), and screenplays produced and filmed by Digital Cinema students from Media Arts Academy are already on the growing list of what Written Arts creates at CHAMPS...and there's more to come!




Course Descriptions


Course Number: 2113

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Semesters: 2

Prerequisite: Passing Grade in English


Creative Writing at CHAMPS Charter High school introduces students to the appreciation and practice of the written word. While this course exposes students to an eclectic array of styles and techniques, its primary focus is the development of a creative and effectively expressive writing practice. Students will develop various facets of writing (voice, tone, character, and plot) and integrate them into their own creative work. Creative Writing at CHAMPS is a focus on communication of the written word in all manner of presentation and expression.




Course Number: 2111

Grade Level: 10, 11 and 12

Semesters: 2

Prerequisites: Passing Grade in English


Journalism is a year-long course that focuses on print, broadcast, and online media production. Students will learn the process of editorial production which includes researching, interviewing, writing, and editing. Students will determine the newsworthiness of stories and mainstream media’s ethical role in contemporary society.




Course Number:

Grade Level: 10, 11 and 12

Semesters: 2

Prerequisites: Passing grade in English


Introduction to Screenwriting at CHAMPS gives students a foundation in the principles and techniques of writing for Film and Television. Areas of focus include story structure, character development, tone, genre, and attention to audience. Equal consideration is given to both the technical and creative aspects of the medium. Using industry standard Final Draft software, students will develop and produce finished works at a level that is both effective and reflective of individual voice.




Course Number: 2114

Grade Level: 11, 12

Semesters: 2

Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation


While this course continues to expose students to an eclectic array of writing styles and techniques, its focus ultimately becomes participation in the creation and editing of the nationally recognized and award-winning The Fish on the Door, a spring semester literary journal designed for school-wide distribution and featuring a variety of literary forms including poetry, short fiction, and original essays. Through an exploration of various approaches and demonstrations of exceptional writing by equally exceptional artists, students will discover their own original voices and use them in the creation of works featured both in the student-edited literary publication as well as the Spring semester production of CHAMPS' annual multimedia performance piece, Mod Op.




Course Number:

Grade Level: 11 and 12

Semesters: 2

Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation


Advanced Journalism is a year-long course that extends the principles learned from Journalism. Students will review the journalistic writing process of gathering newsworthy story ideas, generating pertinent interview questions, conducting professional interviews, eliciting targeted responses and outlining/structuring/writing/revising/editing/fact-checking journalistic articles. Students will be expected to be ready to assume leadership roles in the production of the school news publication. These roles include, but are not limited to: overseeing the production process, appropriately liaising with editors/reporters/photographers/graphic artists, positively mentoring staff members, assigning projects/articles while tracking performance, exhibiting proficiency in MS InDesign in the forms of art direction and layout, updating the advisor of the production processes with regular status updates, managing organized files with production articles while adhering to deadlines using Google Docs, meeting tight deadlines and budget requirements, and fact-checking/proof-reading/copy-editing/final signings-off. In addition, students will be heavily involved in discussions during editorial budget meetings to discuss the current affairs of the school and society at large. Conclusions will be evidenced in both the publication and class assignments.