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Character Shoes - Capezio "Academy" 1 1/2" Capezio Adult Academy 1.5" heel canvas black Character Shoe $15.97 #456x
Required for Ballet 1 & 2
Discount Dance This is a website where dance clothes and supplies can be purchased.
Royal Academy of Dance The Royal Academy of Dance is the largest, most influential dance teacher training and examining body for classical ballet in the world.

Their teaching method is taught in over 70 countries in the world, setting high standards of dance training for over 250,000 students each year. Their international network of examiners travel the world examining pupils in the Syllabus at every level. They also have summer programs for dance students worldwide.

The RAD also provides comprehensive dance teacher training, including dance teaching certification, and degree programs for ballet teachers.

At CHAMPS, my ballet classes are mostly based on the RAD syllabus. As a credentialed RAD teacher, I am able to enter candidates for RAD examinations and have been doing so at CHAMPS since the spring of 2014.

RAD examinations have 3 options : CHAMPS In-House showing, RAD Class Awards in front of examiner with faculty in the room, and Graded RAD Examination.
Participation is based on standards that need to be met and is at the discretion of the faculty. Students will be informed week before exam/ class awards if they met criteria to take the graded exam. Decisions on participation are determined by preparedness; taking into consideration knowledge/memorization of material, technical execution, and artistry.
The Mock Exam is a performance for parents that serves as the Performance Final for the Ballet class.
As a part of the Dance Academy curriculum, CHAMPS carries the cost for the Class Awards and the Graded Examination.