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Ms. Livingston (formerly Woodruff) earned her B.A. in English from U.C. Santa Barbara with a specialization in Early Modern Studies, and her M.A. in Education from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She also studied Shakespearean and British film at Pembroke College, a part of the University of Cambridge in England. Ms. Livingston currently holds a Secondary Single Subject Credential in English. Prior to teaching at CHAMPS, she worked with the Science Academy STEM School and started the Science Olympiad Team at Millikan Middle School, and taught MAD Science classes across the Los Angeles area. In her English classes, Ms. Livingston loves introducing students to forms of literature that they may not have studied in class before (like graphic novels, comic books and current song lyrics), along with studying the classics. 
Ms. Livingston is also a part of the Music Academy and teaches Advance Music Theory. She plays flute, piccolo, and piano, and loves (or at least has listened to and learned to appreciate) just about every genre of music. 
A Fun fact: Ms. Livingston adores musical theatre, and her current favorite soundtracks are American Idiot, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Singing in the Rain, and White Christmas (even in July). 
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Final Exam Prep Page

If you lost or need an additional copy of the essay prep page for the final exam (the page that you may use to write your thesis and evidence with citations), here it is for you to print at home! I will have additional copies the morning of the exam if you need to come in early and rewrite your information on the proper page. Remember- this page and ONLY this page can be used during the final to assist you with your essay! 
I highly suggest you add Grammarly as an extension to your browser!! Grammarly will check your emails, Google Docs, Facebook status updates, and other online written work for mistakes. Never be judged for your bad grammar again!! Review of The Count of Monte Cristo

My mom found this on the website. I only hope you agree (except the part about crushing you freshman English teacher since I AM making you read this book!):
Chris rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: classics
Why did no one tell me about this book? I mean seriously, I was about a hundred pages in and I wanted to go find my freshman high school English teacher and inflict terrible, intricate revenge on her for depriving me of a great book. I figured first I could assume a new identity, perhaps insinuating myself into her life. I'd make her trust me and put all her faith in me, and then I would UTTERLY CRUSH HER!!! MWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!!

Seriously, this was an awesome book. I am not a big fan of the Classics, really - I usually get very bored very quickly with them, especially the Russians. I don't know if it's the characters I can't relate to, or the writing that puts me off, but I try to get through them and my interest drops off abruptly. Especially the Russians. God save me from the Russians.

But this? This was 1200 pages of concentrated awesome. A grand, intricate story of vengeance - and I do love my revenge stories - that I will definitely read again. And watching V For Vendetta is a lot more fun....