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Locating Books

There are a lot of great resources out there for obtaining your books for class, and many without paying a dime! Here are a few of my favorites that have proven useful to students in the past:
  • The Library! The Los Angeles Public Library (click here to go to their homepage) is a FABULOUS resource. You can reserve and renew books on their website, as well as check out their FREE homework and online research tools.
  • If you Google "free full text" or "PDF" with the title of a lot of classic plays, novels and other works, you can actually find FREE and COMPLETE copies available online. Talk to Cindy in the Mezzanine office about reserving a CHAMPS computer and using the printer if you need access. You may use a tablet, e-reader, or WiFi-disabled (i.e. in "airplane mode") electronic device to read your class texts, however you may NOT use your cell phone. See me if you have questions about this policy. 
  • Speaking of e-reading- iTunes' bookstore, Amazon's Kindle, and Barnes and Noble's NOOKbook websites offer free copies of a lot of classic books (and other books as well). They may not be exactly what you need for class, but it's a great way to get find some independent reading material!
  • Former students! There are three other grades of students who went through 9th grade English at CHAMPS (for the most part), and many of the books are the same as they were in past years. Some of those students may still have their old copies lying around. See if you can borrow one, and make a new friend while you're at it!
  • offers used copies of almost all books, and sometimes you can find them for as cheap as a penny (even with $3.99 shipping, that's cheaper than books at most book stores). HOWEVER, keep in mind shipping times and make sure you can get the book by the time you need it! 

Other cool places for books in LA:
  • The Last Bookstore- Downtown LA
  • House of Secrets (comics and graphic novels)- Burbank
  • Bargain Books- Van Nuys
  • The Iliad Bookshop- North Hollywood
  • Thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, etc. You never know what you can find for a dollar or two!