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Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra Credit Opportunities**
This extra credit opportunity requires both your writing skills and your artistic skills. Read Part Four of The Hot Zone and create a two-dimensional artistic interpretation of Preston's experience traveling to Kitum Cave. Your art must incorporate three quotes from the text into the piece. Then, each of those quotes needs to be analyzed in a single body paragraph (three separate body paragraphs total). Your paragraphs must be typed in MLA format and cannot be attached to your art. If you choose to do this assignment, it is due on May 3rd- the same day as your final essay.
While we are studying Shakespeare, look for references to Shakespearean elements in the outside world. If you see a reference to something from Shakespeare or a unique adaptation of Shakespearean elements, write up a 3/4-page report of what you saw and how it references Shakespeare's work. Discuss whether you think others would pick up on the Shakespearean element and why or why not.
View a "classic" movie that was made before 1970 (for the purposes of this assignment, I'm giving you a year cut off). Then in a short essay (1.5-2 pages in MLA format), summarize the film, review it, and analyze/discuss why you think it became a classic. Be sure to mention any references you've seen to that classic in other TV shows, movies, or books. 
This will go into the Classwork/Homework category of your grade, and you may do this assignment once per semester. 
ANY CHAMPS PRODUCTION OR PERFORMANCE (Musical, Music Concerts, Dance Concerts, Plays, Mod Op, Poetry Nights, Etc.)
Going to any of the CHAMPS productions this year? Write a review for extra credit! To prove that you went to the show, you must either:
  • Attach your ticket stub to your write up, OR
  • Send me (via or email) a selfie of you in the venue either in front of the stage or with one of the actors. 
If you are IN a production, you can also get extra credit for writing about your experience preparing for and performing in that show.  
The following are the minimum length requirements for this assignment (handwritten, single spaced, on a separate piece of binder paper):
  • English 9 Length Requirement- 1/2 page
  • English 9 Honors length Requirement- 3/4 page
  • AP Lang Length Requirement- 1 full page