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Week 7 & 8 Homework - Italian 1

Draw an 8 square comic with sentences saying what the character is doing in each square and at what time (see pg 97 if you forget how to do this or see examples): “Alle nove, Franco arriva a scuola” - USE THE VERBS YOU ALREADY KNOW (pg 67) in your sentences.

You may have limited time to work on this in class and it is due on March 7th/8th. It counts as a project grade, instead of a homework grade. 

Esempio (Example): In the picture Luigi is the main character and these are the sentences I used for each square:

  • Alle otto e trenta, Luigi prende l’autobus
  • Alle nove, Luigi arriva a lavoro
  • Alle tre, Luigi scrive una lettera.
  • Alle sei, Luigi ritorna a casa.
  • Alle sette, Luigi guarda un film con Federica.
  • Alle nove, Luigi e Federica prendono un taxi.
  • Alle nove e trenta, Luigi e Federica mangiano la cena (dinner).
  • Alle undici, Luigi e Federica parlano sul divano (couch).
Feel free to be creative in your creation of your character (can be an animal or thing) and please use color in your drawing, if those materials are available to you. You can also create it using a computer program if you would like. Also feel free to use if you don't know a word or two...but again, USE THE VERBS YOU KNOW.