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Canzone di Preposizioni (Preposition Song) Di, A, Da, In, Con, Su, Per, Tra, Fra!
Canzone e Video dell'Alfabeto (Alphabet Song & Video) Everyone's favorite, the Coccole Sonore alphabet song video!
The lines that are said between the letters are:

Noi l'alfabeto l'impariam così.
Noi dell'alfabeto ne vogliam di più.
Noi non siamo più di un'altro pianeta.

Colors and their Expressions Learn both the colors and the colorful expressions associated with them!
Italian Music Blog - VideoclipItalia This site features videos of all the famous Italian musicians performing their most popular songs. The newer artists have music videos, but most are older artists and the clips are from a televised concert or tv show. Each post has both the video and the lyrics to the song.
Slang-o-pedia at Look up Italian slang and it's definition. The site is all in italian and similar to our Urban Dictionary.